How the Travel Industry is HIT by COVID-19

The lockdown due to the Corona virus disease world over forbade people from travelling. The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared COVID-19 as a pandemic on 11 March 2020, whereas the outbreak of Corona began started in December 2019. This means travelling to and from various countries was the main reason for a local disease to spread all over the world. Flights were halted soon after the declaration and aeroplanes were parked.

How the travel industry is hit by COVID-19
How the travel industry is hit by COVID-19

People who had pre-booked tickets, saw them being duly cancelled. Trains, cabs, cars, bikes, bicycles and ever other form of vehicle possible were put to rest for about three months varying from location to location, country to country. No one knew or understood how to deal with this latest disease in the market – the corona virus, the COVID-19 – a name not likely to be forgotten for many decades to come.

The tourism industry fell so bad that it’s going to take a good while before it gets fully back up on its feet. About 75 million jobs lost and a loss of two trillion dollars is what the travel industry globally has had to digest thanks to the Corona virus, as revealed by experts at the World travel and tourism council. Staff had to be suspended, some on loss of pay, some paid half a day or by the hour, but loss was the key element in the travel industry since the novel COVID-19 virus took over the world.

Millions of families are therefore affected. The season Spring-Summer see most people move around or out of the country, thereby generating the maximum amount of revenue. In most places, the tourism industry was not expecting any sort of trouble at all and therefore lacks the required funds needed as backup in such a situation. Transport has badly been hit and so has lodging and accommodations. Major players such as Marriott and other giants have cut down 75% of their staff and lost billions in revenue and the losses will continue with no solution to the Corona disease in sight.

China, where this all started, has however recovered from the Corona virus disease and has resumed flights and hotel reservations. The domestic tourism itself sees about 5 billion trips a year. They are positive on making recovery of the losses faced within the next six months. Recovery of tourism as decimated by COVID-19 will in other countries however take much longer as they still continue to battle the deadly disease. Cruise ships have suffered immensely as well.

Even today, though the lockdown is being lifted in several countries and domestic travel can still take place, a series of guidelines and precautions are advised to the travellers. Use of sanitizers, compulsion of wearing the mask, hand washing at regular intervals especially after touching things on public transport has been repeatedly underlined. Self-quarantine or home quarantine of those who have travelled in still in progress.

In some places, people’s hands have been stamped to make aware that they have recently traveled. Airports have been seen distributing face shield to domestic travelers. However, the governments everywhere have been advising their citizens to stick to essential travel only not to have any international travel yet.

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