COVID-19 Funerals and Vaccines

The highly infectious Corona virus disease has not left any section of live untouched and is also making its presence felt in death. Those affected by the terrible COVID-19 disease have had to suffer terribly not just with their health but also because of isolation from their loved ones. Even in death, the disease continued to haunt them as they were not allowed to even say a final goodbye.

COVID-19 Funerals and Vaccines
COVID-19 Funerals and Vaccines

Since the COVID-19 virus can survive on surfaces, the dead bodies have had to be sealed immediately post death, stealing away the last chance of one to see their loved ones. Photos and videos of the last rites are usually sent to the families. There is no touching of the dead body, it is sealed and sent off to be disposed. There is no change of clothes of make up as is done under normal circumstances.

The ones who die at home are taken away by undertakers dressed in full PPE. Usually it is the doctors and nurses who have been receiving applaud and appreciation, but there is little to nothing being said about the funeral directors and those cremating the dead bodies, which is a highly important task and is of great responsibility as it ensures the containment of the disease posthumously.

Currently there are two vaccines that are entering the later stages – phase 2, phase 3 of the COVID-19 vaccine testing revealed chief scientist of the World Health Organisation (WHO). If these work and receive the seal of approval, which will be possible by the end of 2020 beginning of 2021, they will be sent for manufacturing. Hundreds of thousands of these vaccines will need to be manufactured and transported all over the world, then administered to each and every human being. 2021 looks like a busy year as well and will be well occupied with news and happenings still about the Corona virus disease.

Countries need to plan ahead on how to vaccinate, who to vaccinate first, how to communicate this to people. Needles, syringes, cold-chains, glass vials, manpower will all be needed. The governments across the world have very little time and must move quickly and start brainstorming on the future actions that need to be taken once the Corona virus vaccine has been created.

Slow or no action was the first and foremost culprit that aggravated this pandemic to the horrifying stage it currently is in. Not taking quick, stringent steps will be future detrimental to the overall population. The COVID-19 vaccine is the best way to get out of this pandemic. The vaccine also needs to be safe. Usually it takes a few years to create a vaccine. This time the vaccine against Corona is being developed over a period of 12 to 18 months. Efficacious and safe are the keywords for any vaccine.

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