Explanation of Mountain Bike Sizes

Mountain biking can be a great way to stay fit and enjoy the outdoors. The size of your bike and whether or not it fits can mean the difference between a ride that you like and one that makes you unhappy. How does bike size affect you? To learn more information about mountain bike you may check here https://www.speed-e.ch/e-bike-occasion/.

Explanation of Mountain Bike Sizes

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If a mountain bike is too big for you, it will be very difficult to handle. Climbing hills, sharp turns, and almost every aspect of mountain biking are much more difficult than riding a bike of the right size.

The more clunky the bike, the more likely you are to fall and get injured. This makes the correct size of a mountain bike a very important consideration when choosing a bike.

How can you be sure you own a real mountain bike? The following tips, while incomplete, are intended to get you started. For best results, visit your local bike shop.

The first and perhaps most important factor to consider is the height of the frame. If the bicycle frame is too high it will be very difficult to assemble or remove, not to mention the risk of injury if it comes off the seat and falls on the top beam.

The most common way to make sure the frame is the right size is to stand on the side of the bicycle. Make sure there is a minimum of 2 inches above the bike and you. This way you ensure that you can handle the bike properly and reduce the risk of injury.

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