Dental Implants in Tacoma, WA – Making the Right Choice

Dental implants are considered the most expensive option to replace missing teeth.

Given that the patient is likely to pay for about fifty percent of the cost of the tooth rescue, the total costs incurred alone are not as much as dental implants. You can know more about more best dental implant services by navigating at

Storing teeth is a great short-term solution. However, note that if dental work, root canals, or restorations fail and the tooth needs to be removed in the future, the patient will still have to pay in full for the implant.

Dental implants are a very successful and predictable way to replace lost teeth. We currently see implant success rates of around 98-99 percent.

The choice of tooth extraction or rescue is personal and depends on many factors. There is always the possibility of damage to the treated teeth. With tooth extraction and dental implant placement, you can be sure that the implants will work for a long time.

Given the total potential cost of both treatment options, paying for the implants initially can save you money in the future. Every case is different and presents different challenges. All treatment options and possible success rates should be discussed with your dentist.


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