Cult Films To Watch Before Halloween

If you're a fan of cult films, you know that nothing is more satisfying than seeing what can best describe a poor attempt at doing something called "art." Well, maybe that's a little harsh. 

The truth is that a cult film is really just a film that lives a life of its own and attracts a "following" who draws attention to its dialogue and sees the film's character in many ways as the embodiment of something bigger than the film. A "meta" of course, but people's devotion to their cult film of choice is astonishing. Few film genres have as many entries on best cult movies lists as horror films. 

We'll start with everyone's grandfather – Evil Dead. This particular film sets the standard for the idea of creating a camp story with a fragile plot, but carries on the whole process at high speed with the best performances from the actors and a lot of blood from the props department. 

In addition, the props department paid too much credit to filmmakers because very low budgets resulted in a number of inexpensive solutions. "The Evil Dead", one of the creators of the idea of visiting jungle-patterned cabins, gathers college friends for a relaxing time in the woods. Instead, they are greeted by demon possession and evil spirits, and they don't even let us start in the trees.

If you're expecting a movie that's a little more fun than the iconic Halloween flick, you can check out the Rocky Horror Show. Perhaps an emotional accomplishment in an avant-garde musical, "Rocky Horror" takes the gruesome films of the early 20th century and turns them into ears.

In many ways, despite being mature with interesting and bizarre stories, these films usually focus on a large number of social commentaries on gender, love, science, philosophy, and time travel.

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