Scalp Micropigmentation: A Non-invasive Advanced Hair Growth Solution

SMP(scalp micropigmentation) is a non-abrasion hair tattooing technique in which a handheld tool is used to fill the natural pigment into the layer of the skin to create the illusion of fuller hair.  SMP is a painless non-surgical advanced hair growth solution. After the Scalp micropigmentation, the scalp will look shaved head. 


A typical, healthy person should have about one hundred fifty thousand strands of hair in their head, which will remain constant throughout their lifetime. Even though it is hereditary, the condition of hair and its own damage when subjected to pollutants increases the speed of baldness. There may be a number of factors contributing to baldness including anxiety, vulnerability to contamination, even vitamin deficiency, and health issues.

There are many services and products available on the market that promise to have the ability to naturally recreate your own hair. Additionally, surgical procedures and some scalp diseases can leave scars in the scalp that may not grow hair.

Hair follicle simulators are a completely new method or an advanced hair growth solution that ensures scalp with pigments so that the head looks full of hair. The pigment used while scalp micropigmentation retains its color more than a conventional tattoo. The goal of hair follicle simulation will be to mimic the hair follicles around the head so that bald spots are not clearly visible.

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