Professional Mentoring – A Tool For Workplace Diversity

As the global economy gets tight and the demand for work experience increases, people from different cultures and countries will move to support their families and start careers. People spend most of their waking hours side by side with men and women they usually don't relate to in social situations.

However, professional mentoring is a tool for workplace diversity so that a unique group of people can work best together to advance business goals. To enhance the diversity at workplace, you may contact best workplace diversity speaker via

How does mentoring contribute to diversity and inclusion in organizations? Perhaps the best way to explain how mentoring is mutually beneficial for new and current employees. Consider the following scenario: An employee with a disability joins the job.

However, this person has a speech disorder and walks with sudden, uncontrollable movements. For the casual viewer, this person might need a lot of extra help completing the same task as their co-workers.

Thanks to the company's mentoring policy, current employees are selected to guide the person and help them build relationships and become dedicated and productive employees. At first she was hesitant, her mentor might be afraid because she has never been with a disabled worker.

However, during the mentoring process, the mentor will likely learn more from the new employee to get involved in the organization. For example, suppose someone has a master's degree in business administration and an upper-class degree. He has a family back home with the same needs, goals and wants as any other employee at the company.

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