Know More About Radon And Its Treatment

A radon problem can be life-threatening and lead to lungs or stomach cancer if proper remedial steps are not taken. In the following sections, we will look at radon in water and air, its treatment methods & how a qualified contractor can help in lowering the levels in your house. You can also look for the best radon testing service via various online sources.

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Radon in Water

In water, it presents ingestion as well as inhalation risks and can cause stomach cancer. The gas also gets discharged into the air if the water is used in bath showers or for any other purpose in the house. You are most likely to face this problem if groundwater from a private well is used or the water supply system in your locality makes use of groundwater.


The two solutions to this problem are POE and POU treatments.

POE Treatment

The POE or Point of Entry treatment removes the gas from water at the entry point in your home. A POE uses aeration devices or GAC filters with granular activated carbon filters being cheaper than aeration devices. However, radioactive material gets deposited in GAC filters & needs a special technique for disposal.

POU Treatment

The POU of Point of Use treatment can help in removing this gas from tap water but can be used for the treatment of a very small amount of your total water usage. These devices are also not capable of preventing the release of gas into air from water as is possible in POE treatment.

Radon in Air

There are several ways which can be used to lower the levels in the air in the house. The first method is to seal all the cracks in the foundation but according to EPA, this is not the only solution to the problem. Another technique is to use fans & vent pipes where a house has crawl space and is commonly known as sub-slab depressurization.

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