Is Waterproofing Basement Floors Necessary?

When deciding whether you need basement waterproofing, there are many factors to consider, is it necessary. If the basement is showing signs of seepage or cracking, you can contact a basement waterproofing specialist at

This is not the time to think about waterproofing in anticipation of major leaks and possible basement damage. If you continue with waterproofing now and prevent flooding, you will save on the hassle of expensive cleaning and of course the associated costs.

There are signs to watch out for if you expect your basement to require basement waterproofing. These signs should be taken seriously and not ignored. Sometimes there is just a little moisture in the basement, which can range from cracks in hair to large gaping holes in the floor.

Mold or mildew is another sign that your basement needs waterproofing. This must be removed and the seal carried out immediately. If you have any of the signs above in your basement, now is the time to waterproof the basement floor. 

Waterproofing can be done with a DIY project or by calling a professional waterproofing company. In both cases, waterproofing must be carried out as soon as possible, because the problem will never be fixed and gets worse over time.

If you choose to waterproof, you can fill in the cracks and smaller holes yourself by applying simple grout. You will then need to apply a waterproof topcoat over it to ensure the effectiveness of the mortar.

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