High Pressure laminates And Benefits

Plastic laminate is a worktop made of high quality wood which makes it glossy and stain resistant. They are available in various patterns and colors. The top layer is attached to the strong chipboard.

This high pressure laminate looks like a variety of natural designs that are very attractive. They are highly dirt repellent, waterproof and durable. Plastic laminates are inexpensive compared to natural stone or hardwood and are available in a variety of designs due to their flexibility and ease of mass production. 

This high-pressure laminate is made by combining several layers of paper impregnated with high pressure and high temperature thermosetting resin. Om Lamcoat are very popular for manufacturing high pressure laminates in India.

high pressure laminates

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Advantages of high pressure lamination

  • High pressure laminates are available in various variants and can be used from furniture to wall decoration. High pressure laminates are available in all models and have a natural design.
  • This laminate is highly resistant to water, moisture, abrasion and scratches. They are treated with a repellant that protects the laminate for many years.
  • High pressure laminates are heat resistant and do not create any nuances in a constant thermal environment, meaning colors and designs are preserved for a very long time.
  • The laminate can be easily cleaned with a towel and the stain doesn't stick to the surface permanently which makes this high pressure laminate shine.
  • This laminate is brittle for all furniture and walls. The surface is well polished to create an eye-catching design suitable for all types of furniture and walls.

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