The Sensitive Angle about Covid-19 that Humans Need to Note

Saying that the novel Corona virus or the Covid-19 disease has rocked the whole world would be the understatement of the century. Entire countries together are in a state of lockdown, economies are crashing, and leaders are in a state of panic, things are totally out of control because of Corona virus. People are still losing their lives as there is no cure to this disease and also no way to prevent it.

Photo by CDC from Pexels

The lockdown has forced many to die not from the Covid-19 disease itself, but from poverty and lack of food availability. The ones who are healthy and surviving the on slaughters of the pandemic are losing their jobs and means of livelihood, which is causing a long emotional trauma and in extreme cases loss of lives as well. It is utter chaos and pain unleashed all over the world on all humans alike. The Covid-19 disease did what no one could ever dream of doing.

It has put the world at a pause, on a standstill. No one has ever imagined or dreamed of a situation where we have cars but can’t drive them, empty roads but cannot roam freely on them, all the time in the world, but no holiday destination to go to. Police on vigil shoving people into their homes, hospitals flooded with sick people to the extent that there are few to no beds and even few ventilators, especially in less developed or developing countries.

People have written sci-fi books and made movies on alien abductions and other epidemics that could cause the people of the world to become zombies, but no one, not a single person in this world could have anticipated or fathomed the immeasurable destruction and havoc that a virus can practically cause on human beings. This is a humbling experience for us humans to say the least. But, the question is will we learn? It’s not like something like this has never happened in the past. The Spanish Flu can be taken as a close example of what we are living today.

We humans really need to get a grip on how we choose to lead our lives going forward so that we don’t invite pandemics like these for the generations to come. Meat eating must be reduced or stopped in order to save the environment. The corona virus started from a wet market in the Wuhan district of China. The disease has come from a bat – a nocturnal animal that has an omnivorous diet itself. Animals carry a number of diseases, even if they don’t directly transmit to us humans, we can be carriers and spread it to others with weaker immune systems.

Mother Nature is all powerful.

It is arrogant of us to think that we need to save her. No, we don’t. We need to save ourselves by respecting all of her creation. Human beings have to go back to the wisdom of the previous generation and also the humility that they had. This fast paced lifestyle that we all were struggling to keep up came to a sudden and complete halt in a matter of few months. Imagine the power of Mother Earth. We are one of her creations, yet we have labelled ourselves as the greatest creation because we have conquered everything in our vicinity.

However, we too often forget we are not the creators. This ancient wisdom must not be forgotten and we must act accordingly and not go back to our old “normal”. Corona virus showed us that our reckless, thoughtless and fast-paced lifestyle need not be the only way to live on this earth. We can slow down, if we don’t, every once in a while we will be forced to. Pandemics and viruses have coexisted with humans since the birth of time. Only this time, the Covid-19 disease has rightfully shown us our place in this magnanimous universe.

Administrative failure has been seen in almost every country. This means, we were not prepared in the least to deal with a pandemic of this scale. More than 465,000 people across the global have lost their lives. One thing that is being constantly seen and highlighted in the media and through various social media platforms is again the fact that mother nature is quick to reclaim her earth. Animals, birds, bees and all other species are booming since humans are locked in their homes. A few months of lockdown made all traffic jams disappear all over the world caused the pollution levels to drastically come down. The skies were clearer and so were the waters and the animals in it.

We need to realize while there is still time that we are a part of an ecosystem. A bat, a squirrel, an ant or a spider are all here for their own reason. They are not at the merciless disposal of human beings. Neither are these prehistoric times where man needs to be either a hunter or a gatherer. It is okay to survive on an all plant diet. Many studies have shown that this viral pandemic, Covid-19, caused animal consumption to drastically come down as well. This has a direct effect on the greenhouse gases. Overall, the environment benefited a great deal, contradictory to the humans who lost a lot in this process.

The world has changed in a matter of a few months because of the Covid-19 pandemic. People are looking at more and more environmental friendly options to sustain themselves and their businesses. Life has earned itself a new meaning and with the number of people dying globally, we have hopefully learned not to take things for granted and invoke the fury of Mother Nature again. Or here’s hoping.

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